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Vanity is the first token ever released on any blockchain to provide custom wallet addresses as a service. A custom wallet address is a non-proxy address visible on chain explorers, with a custom prefix that can contain readable words. Different from domains addresses or proxy addresses, with Vanity you are able to import your private keys inside your wallet and use it wherever you want. VNY is the token that brings to life custom wallet addresses. Buy $VNY and earn passive income in reflections. Learn how here.


The Vanity Marketplace supports many different chains, such as ETH, BTC, LTC, DOGE and all EVM Compatible Chains (BSC, Fantom, Polygon etc..)

Safe and Unique

All the Addresses from Vanity are made using Split-Key, meaning the team will never get any access. Something safe and unique.

The Vanity Roadmap comprehend all the milestons in the Vanity journey, both future plans and achieved results, divided in Quarters.

  • Ongoing
  • Achieved
Q1 - Q2 2022


Never seen project in it's aspect, VNetwork will be a leading way to follow. Something unique and incredible, to bring revolutionary ideas in a scalable format in the Blockchain, based on Web 3.0. This stage will bring live the Vanity Smart Contract Addresses, custom contracts addresses reserved for specific projects.

Q3 - Q4 2022

Vanity Essentials

The team has been working on future ideas and products. Vanity Essentials will bring a fusion between Blockchain and Real Life, giving the chance to its users to participate in something that has never been done in the blockchain ecosystem before.

Q1 2022

The VNY Marketplace Release

The One-Stop platform to buy your custom wallet address as usable or collectible in form of NFT! Earn $VNY by minting and holding an NFT, with a collection of 500 Unique 3D Realistic renders of diamonds, all in 4k and hand made!

Q3 2021

The VNY Shop

In September 2021, the VNY Shop was released and the Vanity customer were able to purchase our custom wallet addresses. A total of 160 orders were made in less then a month, and executed.

Q2 2021

First Vanity Addresses

In June 2021, the first batch of manual orders were taken from our users, and executed with extremly good results. A total of 30 manual order were taken and delivered.

Q2 2021

Vanity Launch

In May 27th 2021, Vanity was launched on the Binance Smart Chain and available for purchase at Pancakeswap, with a starting liquidity of 150 BNB.


Vanity New Website

Since the announcement of the AD Campaing in the London Streets, Vanity has decided to make a change of the UI in the website, in order to keep it as user-friendly as possible, with targeted areas.


Imminent Marketplace Release

The VNY Marketplace is almost here, with the imminent launch tomorrow, 14th of February! Be ready to get your Vanity NFT Address and your Vanity Address!


IRL London AD Campaign

The Vanity Team is proud to announce that from Monday 14th of February, the UK will be able to notice Vanity across 30 central located "StreetHubs", Digital AD Banners with Free Gigabit Wifi and Recharge Facilities for mobile devices. Perfect spots to catch the attention of the multitude, crypto and non users.


Marketing is starting

The Marketing week pre-Marketplace starts today. Many things are ready to take place, as $VNY taxes turns from 10% to 5% and anti whale system removed.

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