Learn with Vanity

New to Crypto and Tokens?

At Learn.Vanity, you will learn how to register on an Exchange, trade your FIAT (USD, GPB, EUR etc..) to Crypto, get a wallet, and trade your crypto for your best choice: your Vanity investment!

1. Register on Binance

First of all, you will need to register on Binance.com. This is the #1 Exchange in the world, providing purchases of crypto with Cards and Bank Transfers.

2. Deposit Cash

In order to purchase BNB, the coin you will need to get Vanity tokens, you need to deposit cash. Head to Wallet > Deposit > Cash and select your currency. Then, just follow the steps on screen.

3. Buy BNB

In order to convert your currency to BNB, head to Trade > Convert. In the first parameter, choose your currency, in the second "BNB". Click on "Convert" and confirm. You now hold BNB in your exchange wallet.

4. Get a Wallet

Now it's the time to get yourself a wallet. Different from exchange wallets, you will own the private keys of the new one, meaning the only owner of your coins and tokens will be you. If you're a mobile user, go to your app store and download "Trust Wallet". If you're a desktop user, head to your browser and visit Metamask.io, then download the wallet.

5. Set Up your Wallet

The first time you're going to open your wallet, select "New Wallet". You will be required to save 12 or 24 words passphrase and re-insert is as a confirmation. NEVER SHARE THIS WORDS WITH ANYONE! The passphrase gives access to your wallet and your funds.

6. Transfer BNB to your new wallet

From your Trust Wallet or Metamask, press "Receive" and copy your address, which is the alphanumeric string starting with "0x". Now, head back to Binance.com and go to Wallet > Withdraw > Crypto. As the withdrawal coin, choose BNB, paste your address in the "Address" textbox, and choose the BSC (BEP20) network. Confirm your withdraw.

7. Buy $VNY with BNB

Once you've received your BNB, head to Pancakeswap.finance from this link. On the top right corner, connect your wallet, then insert the amount of BNB and press "Swap".

8. You are now a Vanity Holder!

Congratulation! Now you're a proud holder of Vanity! If you had any issue or need any help, head to our official telegram group and ask for support. PLEASE NOTE: NONE OF THE STAFF WILL SEND YOU A PRIVATE MESSAGE! If you will receive any private message, 100% it's a scam attempt. Beaware!